10 Long Distance Relationship Gifts with Love

Receive gifts from your close is a endless pleasure while take attention from person who is far more pleasant.Value of this care increases in proportion to the number of kilometres. There are 10 ideas for presents in the distance.

Food delivery

Food delivery - 10 gifts in the distance

Breakfast in bed is check and checkmate from romantics even if the courier brings coffee or croissant. This technique is often used by girls when they want to bring the pleasure their beloved people in the distance.
In addition, order delivery pizza or roll for your friend is a good idea too, especially after your quarrel.More over, you can put up faster on empty stomach. It’s important to check if someone will be at home so that the surprise comes on time and on the desired address. Unexpected balls or flowers are always a good idea. This will be confirmed by people who love gifts over distances. It’s classic. Delivery service can put a card with text in the order if you ask. The message is easy to dictate by phone. It’s the pleasant present in the distance for you mom or grandmother.

Family access to an online movie theatre

Family access to an online movie theatre - 10 gifts in the distance

Idea to share online access to news like movie fans. The opportunity to watch the last episode of the new season is gift option for a guy if he is far about you. Because watching fresh films and series in the same time is an ideal activity for people with common interests. These views bring people together.The most important thing is to arrange a time with person. After watching you can call each other and and discuss unexpected plot twists.


Playlist - 10 gifts in the distance

We all have moments when music conveys our mood better than just words. When you create a gift playlist you have to consider two points. The person have to had an access to the service in which you collected music. And the second moment: you have to decide on a topic before you start collecting songs. It can be tracks for training, road or cleaning. You should add a beautiful description and cover to the playlist. The recipient will definitely like the gift.

Tickets to joint event

Tickets to joint event - 10 gifts in the distance

Life hack for those who are apart buy tickets in advance for a holiday, festival or for any interesting event. In this way the brain will receive a signal that a new meeting will be realized very soon. The scientists proved that people get the same pleasure from the cheerful process and from his expectation.

Video message

Video message - 10 gifts in the distance

It is very sad to see people back. You can make a video message to brighten up the tense moment. It will be a pleasant surprise to your beloved person on a flight. You should arrange for a person to start watching immediately after being sent. If you record a video with humor and in a good mood then the road will be wet from laughter and not from tears of sadness.


Sneakers - 10 gifts in the distance

During running, defamin is released in a person. He is responsible for a good mood. This hobby is chosen by people who don’t like to be sad. Cherry on the cake is a sneakers with an individual design. Nike ID can do such one in 4 weeks. Also you can choose color, material and model. In addition, you can order a hologram of 6 letters per heel,3 for each. This is a cute and useful gift for your sister, brother or friend in the distance.

Cozy thing

Cozy thing - 10 gifts in the distance

We all have situations when we need support. The effect of the presence of a loved person can create a nice touch thing. For example, oversized sweatshirt, plaid or scarf. These are the things that can be presented as a keepsake. Also they are unique so you can use them one at a time and so the owners will become even closer to each other.

Dynamic pillow

Dynamic pillow - 10 gifts in the distance

This little pillow will support those who like to chat at night. 
This item can be taken with you(for example, in park)or used at home. You need to connect the phone through a wire and get comfortable in order to start communication.

Access to the Internet

Access to the Internet - 10 gifts in the distance

It’s problematic to get in touch with loved ones without the Internet. Network access is the base. It's nice when loved ones take the issue. router, tariff with high traffic or auto payment for mobile are great gifts for you grandparents in the distance. So you can stay in touch.

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